Does Aviators provide service to /from the airport?
Yes, we do serve the Sacramento SMF Airport, for more information visit our Airport Shuttle Service Website.

Will I receive a credit if I do not use the reservation that I have paid for?
We do not issue refunds, unless you cancel service entirely and have provided a 3 day notice, since making the reservation for your child would have prevented us from providing the service to someone else in need. Seats are limited.

Does the monthly membership ensure that my child will have a seat every month?
Yes, your child’s seat will be reserved as long as you have paid in advance, no later the first day of service for the day/week/month of service. If you do not pay by the due date, then it is at our discretion to reserve the seat for another child. Seating is limited.

Can I change the location of where I would like for my child to be dropped off, or picked up at?
Yes, you may change the drop off or pick up location as long as you have given us a 3 day advance notice, so we can adjust our route accordingly. However, this may change the usual time of day that your child is picked up or dropped off, depending on where it is on the route. The new location must be within our service area. (See Map for Aviator's service area). If we are unable to accommodate you, we will notify you as quickly as possible in advance.

Do Aviators staff wear uniforms so that my child can identify them?
Aviators staff members wear a company jacket/shirt or name tag which will identify them as “Staff” at all times. The Aviators name and the words “Staff” will appear on all jackets and shirts. Additionally, all drivers will be picking up children in vehicles that display the Aviators name along with the licensing authority numbers assigned by the Public Utilities Commission; which will be affixed to every vehicle. Please inform your child of this, for his or her safety. Policies regarding uniforms and vehicle identification will remain in effect, at all times, unless you are notified in writing.

If I have a question or concern regarding vehicle identification, who should I contact?
Please contact Aviators First Class Transportation @ (916) 419-2691.

You may submit your questions or concerns in writing to:
Charlotte Belton, Aviators First Class Transportation
P.O. Box 341096
Sacramento, CA 95834

or Email us at:

Aviators First Class Transportation 
TCP 29185-P
P.O. Box 341096
Sacramento, CA 95834

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