We offer a monthly membership for those who wish to reserve
their child’s seat, on a monthly basis. Annual registration fees apply.

Annual Registration Fee: $40 per child

Natomas Rates: $70.00 weekly (one-way) - $105.00 weekly (round-trip) 
* A monthly reservation is required, and all fees must be paid in advance, to receive this rate. 

Arden/Arcade Rates: $75.00 weekly (one-way) - $125 weekly (round-trip)
*A monthly reservation is required, and all fees must be paid in advance, to receive this rate.

Monthly membership ensures that your child will have five,
reserved rides, to and/or from school, each week.
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We offer discounts for Day Care Providers.

If there will be two or more children leaving from and arriving to
the same location, we offer a 50% discount for the second child
with the purchase of a monthly membership. 

All fees must be paid in advance. We do not bill for our
services. Drivers do not carry cash. There will be a fee of
$35 for all returned checks.

Credit card payments are accepted here, or you may send a check,
cashiers check, or money order with your driver; upon approval.

We offer one time, or occasional weekly use service; however, 
it is more costly, and priority is given to those who have paid in advance using our monthly membership program; seating is limited. 

Since our monthly service membership is a lot less expensive than paying by the day, or by the week, we do encourage you to reserve your student's seat by the month, rather than choosing from the options below. However, it is our pleasure to serve you in any way that we can, 
as often or as little as you may need. 

(One way), per child, $18.00 - $25.00
Group rates, for 6 or more, are $12 per child. All children must be
  leaving and arriving to/from the same location.

Weekly (One Way), per child,  $70.00 - $75.00
Weekly (Round Trip), per child,  $105.00 - $125.00

We suggest calling in advance for occasional use to ensure
that there are seats available, as priority is always given to our
members who pay in advance for monthly service.